I love having unique style, not just in my own clothing and accessories, but also in the way I dress my little ones, and even special finds for my husband. I think personalization makes things so much more meaningful - I found myself searching for one-of-a-kind items for my family, and I would think to myself, I'm pretty creative, I can come up with better designs than what I'm finding readily available. So, I designed a couple of items, was getting great feedback from friends and family, and I just wanted to keep going. I have so many ideas and I feel like the sky is the limit. I would love to work with you to help you realize your vision or make an idea a reality. Depending on what you are looking for, I can create a design based on your ideas and input, or I can create a product for businesses using existing logos, or even create an apparel line for your organization.

I have three little ones; ages four, three and seven months. In my "day job" I'm a registered nurse, first assistant, and I assist a surgeon in surgery. My husband's "day job" (and "night job") is as a city firefighter. To say that our lives are FULL right now is an understatement. Life for us is full of love, mess, joy, chaos, and fun. I have my full time "real" jobs as a mom and a nurse, but I've found that design is something that gives me a creative outlet; I'm passionate about both the process and the finished product.

Besides design, my big focus is on quality. I'm extremely picky with types of fabrics. I wanted to be sure I was only using fabric that is extremely soft, durable and overall wearable for families. This is apparel that you can wash and wear all the time. It's perfect for families who want to be stylish and make a statement, but also need clothing to be practical and functional. The quality of the material I use stands up on its own and these items can be worn plain, or everything is customizable. My company, Premium Perceptions, represents the style of clothing I wanted for my family, and my DREAM for this company and clothing is that you will enjoy it with yours.

XO - Nikki

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